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3 Steps 1 Bow Slide show

 Three Steps One Bow

Fabrizio Alberico


I’ve been running away from a future

That looks nothing like my past

And the only peace I ever found

Is the kind that never lasts

Brand new car, tailored suit, shiny diamond ring

Fleeting joy cannot disguise the same old suffering



One day I’ll walk without touching the ground

I’ll speak without making a sound

I won’t seek, just walk in a different time

Three steps and one bow

Three steps and one bow


Desire’s a single flavour

What I crave is something more

Something I can bite into that’s not rotten at the core

One meal a day is all I need to keep me on the road

And the wisdom carried on my back

Will lighten up the load


So I’ll walk for the people I meet on the streets

And the ones I’ve never seen

And I’ll bow down to a universe

Where few have ever been

Going to change my mind to change my ways

My actions will be clear

Got to turn the world away from

All this arrogance and fear



3 million steps, a million bows, forehead to the ground

800 miles to touch the world with the peace that I have found

I’ve looked down the barrel of a gun

And thought, time for a new deal

I took my vow, promised to myself

To be constantly real