Translation Across Cultures 

(Berkeley Buddhist Monastery - Institute for World Religions - 10/3/08)

Institute for World Religions (IWR) and Berkeley Buddhist Monastery (BBM) hosted an informal roundtable discussion on issues in translation with Prof. Henry Rosemont (Brown University), Prof. Michael Nylan (UC Berkeley), and DRBU faculty and students . The discussion/exchange was particularly concerned with how translators have had historically and are currently wrestling with the issues surrounding translating key terms and concepts in the area of ethics, virtue, spirituality from Chinese into English. 

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Introduction (15.1 Mb) Dr. Henry Rosemont (23.6 Mb) Dr. Ronald Epstein (19.6 Mb)
Rev. Heng Sure (24.9 Mb) Dr. M. Nylan (18.2 Mb)
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