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Europe Dharma Trip (7/07 - 8/07)

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Great Compassion Mantra

Morning Recitation Great Compassion Repentance Circumambulating Requesting the Dharma

Presentation on IGDVS  "She Carries Me" The Book Booth

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In Poland Sign directing participants
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Meal Offering Chant Dedicated Disciples
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Student Participants Students Reciting Along The Assembly from the back
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Overflow into the lobby area Reciting Circumambulating
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Listening to lecture Listening to lecture Meeting with the youth
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The Dharma Masters Dharma Masters speaking Dharma Dharma Masters giving lecture

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Panel of Dharma Masters About to request Dharma Requesting Dharma
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Requesting Dharma Listening to Lecture Introducing the Venerable Master
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Evening Lecture School Presentation IGDVS Student Representatives
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Laura writing A student giving a speech Transmitting the Three Refuges
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Introducing BTTS books The Book Booth Viewing video clips
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Leafing through books Looking through Buddhist texts Tai Chi Chuan
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"Extend your arms..." Flexible Cultivators Working hard in the kitchen
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Preparing salad Preparing rice noodles Behind the scenes work
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The Kitchen Staff SMILE!
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Setting the table DM Heng Sure with guests LUNCH!
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The delicious food Lunch time! Lunch time!
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Volunteers at a Viet temple At Fa Hua Temple
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..Awaiting .  Listening to lecture Dharma talk
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Group Picture in a Church DMs being interviewed Dharma Masters with student
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Creating affinities At the beach Smiling in Italy
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Group Picture In the Louvre In front of the Louvre