October 13, 1973, Saturday evening

On A Response to a Sincere Request

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua


Several days ago Guo Yao went home to see her parents. Her mother had undergone hospital surgery for a brain ailment. After the operation, she remained in an extremely dangerous coma. Guo Yao kept calling long distance—five or six times—hoping that the monks, nun, laymen, and laywomen of Gold Mountain Monastery would sincerely pray on her mother’s behalf, so that her mother could get well.  

Originally I promised her I would tell everyone last night, but my memory is poor and I forgot. Nevertheless, I myself transferred merit to her mother. She called again today overjoyed, to say that her mother has regained consciousness. Although her mother is now conscious and Guo Yao herself is happy, we should continue to transfer merit to her mother when we recite the Buddha’s name, bow to the Buddha, and recite sutras, because the power of the great assembly is inconceivable. 


Timely Teachings. Page 204.