Friday evening, November 3, 1972

18.1 On Being Evasive

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua


With these three people going to Hong Kong , there is a possibility that Buddhism will flourish there. When they return to the U.S. next year, they will first stop in Taiwan and speak Dharma in various places. Maybe they will help those who are evasive learn not to be so evasive. Today in the car I told you all, “I won’t allow you to be so evasive. Did you hear me?” When you get to Taiwan, you can preface your talks with this sentence, “Our teacher didn’t teach us anything else. He only taught us this: not to be mentally evasive. That’s his first method. His second method: we cannot be too fleet-footed, because that would only facilitate our running away.” If you aren’t able to subdue demons, you can run.


(Timely Teachings. Ch. 1 Part I, page 113, following paragraph 2