August 17, 1973 | Friday evening

On Cultivationís Effect on Family Members and Oneís Own Destiny

Ven. Master Hua


Recently, one of my monastic discipleís brother and sister came to visit Gold Mountain Monastery. I was pleased to see them and I noticed how their sincerity has increased since last time they visited. This nun's parents will also come for another visit soon. This monastic disciple of mine has a bit of sincerity, and for this reason she has influenced her younger brother and sister to believe in Buddhism. Her mother has also taken refuge; her parents visit often. If she did not truly practice, this kind of thing would not happen. Her sister and brother both felt they had affinities with me as well, so they wanted to come back again. If this nun were not doing a good job herself, her brother, sister, and mother, would not believe in Buddhism. It is from things like that we know about a personís cultivation.

For instance, another discipleís younger brother went away, and his parents donít come to visit. Why do you suppose that happened? Itís because he doesnít truly cultivate, and so no one in his family believes. Be aware that I am not just talking about those two individuals; the same applies to all of you.

A long-time disciple, Guo Jun, will visit Gold Mountain Monastery soon. He took refuge with me in Hong Kong when he was only eleven years old. He liked to visit the Monastery there. Every Saturday and Sunday he insisted that his mother take him to see me. If his mother did not take him to see me, he would cry all day in the house. He was not someone who especially liked to cry, but he would cry the whole day in the house. And so his mother had to bring him to my place. Later, when he was going to school, he used to have lunch at my place. Every day he wanted to see his teacher. If he didnít get to see his teacher, he would cry. Itís fortunate that this disciple took refuge with the Triple Jewel. If he hadnít, his karma retribution this time might have pushed him into another kind of lifestyle. Because he became a disciple of the Buddha, he was able to change his destiny.


Timely Teachings, pages 269 - 270.