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56. On Different Approaches to Handling Money

(Tuesday evening, January 30, 1973)

Some people count every penny, dime, and quarter. Thatís unlike one of my nun disciples here who doesnít bother to count money at allóto the point that she made a mistake when depositing money in the bank. Well, I thought about her doing that and have come to the conclusion that she must have some skill! She has attained a little bit of samadhi and thatís why her mind was not swayed by anythingóeven money. Thatís not a bad state. However, itís not too practical when you are handling worldly matters.  

From a transcendental perspective, your state is lofty. If you can manage to not pay attention to money, then other things are even less of a problem. On the other hand, people who pay strict attention to every penny, nickel, and dime, soon exhaust their energy. They tax their brains with calculations. They canít finish calculating in the daytime, so they continue at night, but still canít finish. Take makes them toss and turn the whole night long, flipping back and forth like a flapjack, and not getting any sleep. Would you say that was happiness or suffering?


(Timely Teachings Ch. 1 Part II, page 190, paragraph 2)