September 23, 1973, Sunday noon

5. On Dispelling Fear  


Do any of you remember that disciple’s lecture yesterday? Tell me what was correct and what was incorrect in that lecture. Bring up your critiques now.

     [Editor’s note: Master addresses the disciple who lectured the day before:]  I feel that certain explanations you gave yesterday were somewhat contradictory. That’s why we are discussing this today.

     [Editor’s note: Master then gives his explanation of the point in question.] How do you like my explanation? Whose explanation do you think is correct—his or mine? You all offer an evaluation. 

     [Editor’s note: Silence ensues.] Doesn’t anyone know? None of you understand? Are you afraid that if you say what you think, he will hit you?

     [Editor’s note: Laughter ensues.] Who said “Yes”? Oh. Well, then, you can hit him back because you are about as tall as he is. If he were taller than you, you might not be able to subdue him, but he’s about your size. Hmm…this is fun, eh?

Timely Teachings Ch. 1 Part III, page 221, following paragraph 1