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August 19, 1973, Sunday noon

On Exploring the Wonder of Expedients


Just now I asked Guo Jun to say a few words. He declined. Then I said, ďEven if you donít know how to talk, you must talk. You are representing all of my disciples inHong Kong . If you donít talk, these people will think that all of my early disciples are mutes.Ē Since he did not want to be a mute, he said a few words to you. You can reflect on what he said and decide if what he said makes sense. If itís in accord with the Way, follow it. If itís not in accord with the Way, then turn back.

One time Guo Yi told me that she had been here for two years and still had not achieved anything. Well, look at Guo Jun: Heís been with me for 22 years, and he still hasnít achieved much. What do you think about that? Does anyone have an opinion?

Everyone is silent. Are you giving him the silent treatment? I donít think so. Itís just that no one dares to speak. Some may wish to speak, but they donít know whether they will say the right thing or not, so they keep quiet. Thereís wonder in that.

I will give you another piece of news. Originally Guo Jun wanted to leave the home-life and become a monk. But he took a look at you Americans and said, ďThere are so many Americans who havenít left the home-life yet. I will wait until they leave home before I leave home.Ē So for now, heís not leaving home; he is waiting for all of you to leave home first.

HmmmÖ now he is thinking, ďMaybe not.Ē Well, letís pay no attention to whether itís that way or not. Letís investigate the sutra together.



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