[Editorís note: The Master replies to a question.] Itís not a matter of who is better. Since women have more complications to deal with in cultivation than men do, women have 348 precepts while men have 250. In general, it is not as convenient for women to practice. However, the issue is not one of who is better.

Since this nunís vow has been brought into question, [Editorís note: To which the Masterís reply in the above paragraph is directed] I suggest that she may want to consider the vows she has made. If she wants to retract any of her vows, she may still do so. However, I believe it is not because she scorns women that she made a vow not to be one. In the past, she herself was a woman. Her current vow pertains to that experience. She merely felt that being a woman was not very convenient. [When asked if she wanted to retract her vow, she said no, she always wants to make that vow.] You see, that is what she wants to do. Slowly you will understand. When you have trouble and inconvenience, then you will understand.