October 10, 1973, Wednesday evening

119. On Greeting Monastic Guests at Airports

Ven. Master Hua


Tomorrow a Dharma Master from New York will be coming to San Francisco as our guest. We’ll be going to the airport to welcome him. All the monks and nuns and laypeople from Gold Mountain Monastery should go. The laypeople are especially invited to go. I hope many people will be there to welcome this Dharma Master. When I went to New York this spring, no one welcomed me at the airport. Guo Xiu asked me, “How come not a single monk was there to welcome you?” The reason no one gave me a welcome was that I had not welcomed others in the past. We are going to change that pattern by greeting guest Dharma Masters at the airport when they come here. No matter whether that Dharma Master greeted others in the past or not—no matter what kind of monk he might be—we will give him a welcome.

Tomorrow, everyone is invited to go and welcome that Dharma Master. When we plant a seed, we harvest reap the corresponding fruit. When we welcome others, others will also welcome us.


Timely Teachings page 203