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November 16, 1973 (Friday evening) 

33.3 On Increasing Vigor

Iím adding an extra day of Chinese class. All of you are so vigorous. I feel remorseful. Iíve been so lazy, particularly since Guo Yu has written a letter saying that every day while bowing he thinks about our study of the Buddhadharma here at Gold Mountain, and how important it is. Right now while he canít hear the Buddhadharma, he feels very pained at heart. But he is happy that all of you can study the  Buddhadharma. Isnít that the gist of his letter?

Think about it: Gold Mountain Monastery has produced those two aspiring Bodhisattva sages who bow every third step praying for world peace. Yet we are lazy and donít do anything at all. How can we face the two of them? They are walking the Bodhisattva Path in the wind and the rain, practicing for the sake of the world. What should we be practicing in order to help them? Shouldnít be we doing our utmost to help the Buddhadharma spread far and wide?

They are doing Three Steps One Bow on the road, and reporters interview them. Their influence on Buddhism is very great right now. Their success will be a success for us all. Let us vow that they succeed in their practice. That will be important to this country.

We should think, ďThey are cultivating that kind of practice, so should we be cultivating the practices of sleeping, being lazy, or being selfish? Should we only be cultivating the practices of jealousy, greed, anger, and delusion?Ē We ought to reflect upon ourselves. Thatís why Iíve decided to add another sutra lecture for you and an extra Chinese class on Saturdays. Iíll dedicate that merit and virtue to the two of them, and there are other things Iím doing which I dedicate to them as well. I donít need to tell you what those other things are. 

You all know Guo Yu. He used to be a muddled person. When he was here, he did not realize how important our study of the Buddhadharma was. Now he has been gone for a month, bowing once every three steps day after day. Bowing once every three steps seems to have brought him an awakening. He is more clear than he used to be. He knows he is missing this opportunity. Not only is he losing this opportunity, he is also causing Guo Dao to miss this chance. That is his awakening. Thus, he hopes all of you will attentively study the Buddhadharma and wishes you would help him study some Buddhadharma as well. His physiognomy has already changed. He resembled Hitler before, but he is really different. Although I have not gone to see them, havenít you found him to be different? Did you notice? I feel that he is not the same as he used to be. 

Guo Dao is different from the way he used to be too. Did you notice this when you went to see them last time? I see he is different from before. You can tell at a glance. You can know when you listen to his voice, even without looking at him; the sound of his voice is different from before. They are not bowing in vain. Guo Dao would absolutely never write letters before. Now, when you read this letter he has written, you can know that he has had some awakenings. I am not talking about a major enlightenment, but small awakenings.

Thereís another piece of news. From now on, every Friday from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. weíll be conducting a Seminar on Proper Dharma. Anyone is welcome to attend, including followers of non-Buddhist teachings and cults. You should all pay attention to this: We are not afraid of cults or non-Buddhistsóor even of demon kings. If kings of demons or members of externalist religious groups arrive, we will do our best to welcome them. Provided they really want to participate in the discussion, we are willing to discuss true principles with them. We should not get angry with them. Rather, in a pleasant fashion, we will look into the principles together and clarify them bit by bit to see who is right. Do you claim your principle is reasonable? All of us will consider it. Is mine reasonable? We will investigate it as a group and determine which is true and which is false. It will be ďopen talking.Ē

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