Friday evening, January 26, 1973

On Learning Buddhist Terms and Principles

Ven. Master Hua

Did anyone look up the meaning of the Bodhisattva Grounds? I was hoping that some of you would, but nobody did. People who lecture on the sutras and speak Dharma should make a point of remembering Buddhist terms very well. Then youíll be able to explain them at any time, and your explanations will have a sound basis. You canít just give a random explanation thatís not based on anything.

Guo Su, youíve been studying the Sutra of Perfect Enlightenment. Have you gained an understanding of it? You can lecture on one passage from it now.
[Editorís note: The disciple lectures it.] Your explanation has some principle in it. Your daily study of the sutra hasnít been in vain.


Timely Teachings, trang 310