Friday evening, February 2, 1973

On Maintaining the Monastic Schedule in All Situations
Ven. Master Hsuan Hua

Normally, during the Lunar New Year period, we sincerely bow every day from the lunar first to the lunar tenth. But there are special circumstances this year. On Monday, the 5th, seven of us will go to New York . From New York , two people will go to Canada on the 7th, and then return to New York on the 8th. We have been invited to attend a conference on the translation of sutras. Seven people are going to attend that conference.

Gold Mountain Monastery will still have three monastics and one layperson to look after things here. The Sutra lectures will continue each night as usual. The monastics here can work a little harder and give the lectures. The language classes will also continue as usual. One monk or nun can teach Chinese; another can teach Sanskrit or German. If you donít know those languages, you can teach English. The instructors for the French and Japanese classes will be here as usual.

Do not change the schedule. The daily afternoon lecture from 1:30 to 3:30 should continue, too. You can even have two daytime lectures. Donít take a break. The three of you monastic disciples can lecture on whatever you like. If nobody comes to listen, the three of you can listen to one another. We donít want to take a break from the lectures. Otherwise, people may come expecting to hear a lecture, only to find out that the schedule has been changed and there is no lecture. That wouldnít be right. The lectures should go on as usual.

Donít think that we will be idle while we are in New York . We will be explaining Dharma and holding meetingsóeven on the plane. When we get there, we will continue to have a Dharma talk or sutra lecture each evening as usual. We, too, will stick to our schedule. Whether we are in the monastery or outside, we canít be lazy. Only through such diligence will we be able to propagate Buddhism and make it flourish. Donít think that this trip to New York will be relaxing. You should know that people who accompany me donít get to relax! I know that in the past, when five of you went to New York on your own, you didnít have to bother with much. But be forewarned, if you accompany me, you will surely have work to do!

(Timely Teachings)