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4.8. On Not Being a Parasite that Feeds on Its Hostís Flesh

September 24, 1974 (Tuesday evening)


Itís very important that we all support and protect Gold Mountain Monastery rather than try to destroy it. Donít be a ďparasite on the lionís body feeding on the lionís flesh.Ē You donít want to rely on the Buddha for food and clothing, and then relieve yourself in the Buddhaís almsbowl. Anyone who does that will surely fall into the hells. Gold Mountain Monastery is the mother of Western Buddhism. If you donít want to be filial to the mother, at least donít kill her. Every Buddhist should protect Gold Mountain Monastery. Donít be like certain laypeople and monastics who are intent on destroying Gold Mountain Monastery. When we hold sutra lectures here, they take a loudspeaker out onto the streets and tell people not to come. They say the lectures are always disrupted by noisy children. Itís not the case that there are children here everyday. When there are children, they tell people not to come. But even when there are no children, they themselves still donít come. Isnít it strange?


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