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October 24, 1973, Wednesday evening

On Not Disturbing Those Who Want to Sleep  

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua


Let us consider our own situation. As we listen to the sutra, we start to feel tired and doze off. Be careful or your head may hit the table and end up with a bleeding wound. Yesterday evening I stood in front of Guo Hang and watched how he was listening to the sutra on the one hand, and falling asleep on the other. I considered boxing his ears to get him to wake up, I was afraid it might scare him to death. If let him continue to sleep, at least he wouldn’t die of fright. However, if I boxed his ears he might say to himself, “This world is truly rotten. I’d better go to rebirth in the Land of Ultimate Bliss as soon as possible!” If he left too quickly, no one would be able to bring him back, so I decided not to wake him. Tonight, if any of you want to sleep, I won’t bother you. If you want to sleep, please go right ahead. Get as much sleep as you want—it’s no problem. You can listen to the sutra all the same in your dreams.


Timely Teachings, page 27.