September 17, 1973, Monday evening  

On Not Talking while Driving

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua  


When you pick up guests and drive them anywhere, whether they are Dharma Masters or laypeople, donít talk much in the car. A car is not the place for conversation. As soon as you start talking, itís easy to have an accident. If that happens, everyone will say, ďOh, you see, cars from Gold Mountain Monastery get into accidents like anyone else. What response do they have?Ē So be careful. Donít create problems. The best thing is not to talk at all in the car, no matter who the guests are. If they want to talk to you, just tell them, ďI canít talk while Iím driving because there are too many cars and too many people in the city. I have to pay close attention to what Iím doing in order to stay safe.Ē To avoid accidents and ridicule are very valid reasons for not talking in the car.


Timely Teachings, page 153.