September 14, 1974 (Saturday noon )

4.5. On Obstructing Others’ Study and Practice

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua  

In spiritual practice, do you truly work hard? Or do you just go through the motions? Do you just follow the crowd? Do you recite the Buddha’s name just because others are reciting it? Do you recite sutras just because others are reciting them? Or even worse, when you see others reciting sutras or the Buddha’s name, do you refuse to join the recitation? Or worse than that, when you see others who are reciting, do you tell them not to recite? Do you obstruct their cultivation?

I know that some people are obstructing the language classes we’re holding now. They say the language classes are terrible. They say that if they didn’t have to take those classes, they would have become enlightened and become Buddhas a long time ago. They contend that the language classes are impeding people from becoming Buddhas. They find any way they can to ruin these classes. They themselves don’t want to study, and they influence others to quit studying as well. That is a most despicable attitude. They themselves don’t want to practice the Dharma, and they influence others not to practice, because they don’t want anyone else to get ahead of them.

(Timely Teachings)