October 30, 1972 | Monday evening

On Offering to the Sangha 

Ven. Master Hua  


Yesterday Guo Tong (Penetration) and Guo Tong (Cooperation), two of my disciples who were married at Gold Mountain Monastery, came to express their wish to make an offering to the Triple Jewel on Thanksgiving Day. Generally we decline invitations to accept offerings outside the monastery, but seeing their sincerity, I decided we could enjoy a little good food, and so I accepted. I donít know if other people want to come along or not; everyone can make his or her own decision. You may say, ďMy teacher may be like to eat good food, but I certainly do not.Ē Thatís fine. From now on, people are free to come along or not come along on such outings as they please. You donít have to find an excuse for not going.


Timely Teachings, page 171