Thursday evening, November 2, 1972

On Propagating the Dharma

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua  


Tomorrow is November 3rd, and three peopleóHeng Qian, Heng Jing, and Heng Shouófrom Gold Mountain Monastery are going to Hong Kong. Because it is so crowded, Hong Kong is now pervaded by a stench, and itís not easy to go there to teach living beings. However, after you go through the difficulties, it will no longer be difficult. If you donít go through some hardship, you wonít understand what the world is really like and youíll think itís a pretty happy place. After youíve been through some hardship, youíll know that the world is filled with suffering. Since it is filled with suffering, our aim is to transform it into the Land of Ultimate Bliss. Therefore, we must go to many different places to propagate the Buddhadharma. The Buddhadharma needs people to propagate it. It cannot propagate itself to people. Thatís why, in the spirit of propagating the Dharma, we go outside and practice the Six Perfections and the Ten Thousand Practices.


Timely Teachings, page 374.