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September 5, 1973, Wednesday evening


94. On Refusing to Learn and Vexing Others  



We have been loaned a facility on Washington Street . A Buddhist layman has offered us its use for the purpose of translation. The place will be named International Institute for the Translation of Buddhist Texts. From now on not only will we translate the sutras, professors from all over the world who wish to translate sutras can come here to study and practice.


The Opening will take place on the 14th of October. On Opening Day, a ceremony for Opening the Eyes of the Thousand-Handed Guanyin Bodhisattva image will also be held. In preparation for those events, beginning October 1, we will bow the Great Compassion Repentance daily, requesting Thousand-handed Guanyin to release light and aid us.


Some of my monastic disciples have refused to bow to the Buddhas or to bow in repentance. They do not even know how to do it, and yet they refuse to learn. After you know how, you may say no. However, when it comes to monastic education, before you know how you cannot say, “I don’t want to learn how to do this or that.”  

Basically you hardly know anything; you are an outsider. Having been ordained for a few days, you already start thinking you are a patriarch. Ridiculous! From now on, none of my disciples are allowed to casually get angry or become afflicted. Regardless of whether you a monastic or a layperson, you not permitted to vex others. If you obstruct other people’s cultivation, I will no longer recognize you as my disciple.


(Timely Teachings)