May 26, 1974 , Sunday evening

On Samadhi Water

Ven. Master Hua  


Question: What is samadhi water?

Master:  Samadhi water is water that has been blessed by reciting a mantra over it. For example, if you recite the Great Compassion Mantra over a cup of water, that can also be considered samadhi water. Water over which the Shurangama Mantra has been recited is also samadhi water. Such water has been aided by the power of samadhi. “Samadhi” means concentration, so we’re talking about “concentration water.” Why is the water characterized by “concentration” or “samadhi” after a mantra has been recited over it? It’s because when one recites a mantra, one becomes single-minded and no longer has random thoughts. The absence of false thinking is samadhi, hence the name “samadhi water.”


Timely Teachings. Page 110.