Right now at Gold Mountain Monastery we are looking for someone to be number one. But this isn’t easy. Someone who has no temper, doesn’t get angry, and is not ignorant can be number one. Anyone who is without afflictions can be number one. Someone who is afflicted all day long cannot number one. People who get afflicted have ghosts in their minds. People who are happy have Bodhisattvas in their minds.

Moreover, you all ought to talk less. Don’t talk so much. Those who cultivate the Way do not casually open their mouths to say even one sentence, unless they are lecturing on the sutras. Talk less, and recite the Buddha’s name more.

Do not have a temper. Then you can be number one. Whoever wants to be number one should quickly turn afflictions and ignorance around. I’m not the one who is looking for number one. Don’t think that your teacher is looking for a number one disciple. That’s not the case. Rather, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three periods of time and the ten directions are looking for a number one right within this bodhimanda—someone who will become enlightened first.