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September 11, 1973 | Tuesday evening


On Sincerely Recognizing the Importance of Dharma

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua

Today, Guo Yang and Guo Yao were married here at Gold Mountain Monastery. Their sincerity toward the Dharma is evident, because they have come to listen to the sutra lecture this evening. They did not immediately escape for a holiday in the mountains or by the sea. Instead, tonight they came back to listen to the Buddhadharma.

I have married other disciples here at Gold Mountain Monastery, but those others did not bother to come back in the evening to hear the Dharma. And so, comparatively speaking, the two disciples I married today are unusual. 

Why do I mention this? I want to make the point that the Dharma is essential; it should be people’s guiding principle. The fact that these two disciples still have come to listen to the Dharma on their wedding day shows how much importance they place on the Dharma. This makes me very happy.

We are here studying the Buddhadharma together, but while some regard it highly, others do not. Some place emphasis on worldly dharmas. They obscure the Buddhadharma with worldly dharmas. They fail to illumine the five skandhas and see that they are empty. You should look into this point. If you are one of those, take note: if you were to study Buddhadharma with the same kind of intent, effort, and earnestness with which you study worldly dharmas, you would really get somewhere.

Today is the 15th of the eighth lunar month. When you go home, recite the Great Compassion Mantra a few more times and drink a bit more sweet dew.

Timely Teachings, pages 184 - 185.