September 16, 1973, Sunday noon

98. On The Secret School

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua


This afternoon, following the Sutra lecture, there will be a Chinese class on an essay I wrote about the Secret School. Most people consider the Secret School fantastic—truly wonderful because it’s secret Dharma! Almost everyone who studies the Secret School is selfish, due to that attitude of wanting to keep the Dharma hidden and not let others know it. You should know this principle—that the majority of Secret School adherents are selfish and only a handful are public-spirited.

First of all, most followers of the Secret School eat meat and drink liquor. They like the idea of being able to become a Buddha without the inconvenience of having to be vegetarian. In other words, they like having their cake and eating it too, as the saying goes.

However, Mencius pointed out, “One cannot have both fish and bear’s paws.” Such “convenient” practice of the Secret School can be dangerous, for it may lead to a fall into the path of asuras. Don’t underestimate that danger!


Timely Teachings page 56.