To Stop Wars, First Stop the Fighting in Your Mind


Wars result in the loss of life, property damage, and the waste of our own energy; they also increases environmental pollution. Although we are but a tiny percentage of the total human population in the world, we will win against all odds. In our small group we want to pray to the Buddhas and the Bodhisattvas of the ten directions to put an end to wars. If we can be 120,000 percent sincere in our wish to end all war, we will have a response against all odds.


Everyone please repeat after me: "We disciples, Hsuan Hua and so on, beseech the infinite, inexhaustible, eternal Triple Jewel – the Buddhas, the Dharma, and the Sangha – of the ten directions of space throughout the Dharma Realm, to bring forth great vows to protect all living beings in the world. We pray that the war in the Middle East will cease and that all living beings will soon enjoy peace and happiness. In life after life, we shall eternally strive to repay the kindness of the Triple Jewel. With the umost sincerity, we hope the infinite, inexhaustible, eternal Triple Jewel – the Buddhas, the Dharma, and the Sangha – of the ten directions of space throughout the Dharma Realm, will compassionately fulfill our request."


Today’s Dharma Assembly is extremely important. Everyone should cherish the wish to rescue the world. Everyone should regards the lives of all living beings as more important than their own lives. We should all resolve to cause the wars in the world to cease. In wanting to cause the wars to cease, we cannot oppose wars. If you have the thought of opposing war in the world, then there is war going on within yourself. Once you oppose any person or any war, you start a war with yourself. We want to stop wars. What kind of strengh we want to stop war? The strength of sincerity. In our every thought we should keep our minds free of hatred. If there is no hatred in our minds, there will a bit less enmity in the world. Eventually, when there’s no enmity whatsoever, when we have no enemies, there will naturally be no more hatred.


Therefore, in Buddhism there are no armies. There is no equivalent to the Crusaders. We treat everyone with kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. The karmic offenses of living beings have resulted in the Communist Party, the Repulican Party, the Democratic Party, and so forth. You have your party, and he has his. People of the same views joins together and fight against those are different from them. If you don’t side with them, they consider you an enemy. Buddhism has no party or factions. It opposes no one. It loves everyone as its own and doesn’t hate anyone. And so the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas advocates the six bright paths, also known as the six kinds of wisdom, or the six demon-subduing pestles, or the six demon-sporting mirrors. What are they? The first one is not contending. Why shouldn’t you contend? As soon as you contend about something that some else wants, that person will contend with you. But the practice of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas is, "If people discard it, I’ll pick it up. If people want it, I’ll give it away." We take in whatever people don’t want; we won’t take anything that people want. That’s the way the City of Ten Thousands is.


The second one is not being greedy. We are not greedy for things that other people greedy for. If you are greedy, then you will be selfish. If you have no greed, that is true unselfishness. Being unselfish, you will not seek anything. Why people go everywhere seeking for things? Because of greed. We want to be unselfish and not seek. So the third is not seeking. The fourth is not being selfish, and the fifth is not persuing personal advantage. These all work the same way. The six is not lying. Why do people tell lies? Because they want to protect their selfish interests. Why are they selfish? Because they are seeking for something, or greedy for something, or contending for something.


If one is not selfish, does not persue personal advantage, does not seek anything, does not contend, and has no greed, then one doesn’t need to lie and cheat people as one might in doing bussiness. When one item is clearly worth ten dollars, the vendor try sell it to you for a hundred dollars, saying, "This is really bargain. I’m not making any money of this." He has to make a sale pitch. Since we don’t contend, are not greedy, do not seek anything, are not selfish, and do not want personal advantage, we have no reason to tell lies. We cherish other people’s lives more than our own. That’s why, now you have taken refuge with me today. I am willing to take on your karmic offenses as my own. I want to do this because I have read about the ancient sages and worthies, and they took the blame for other people’s mistakes, but did not shift the responsibility for their own mistakes onto others. Emperor Tang of the Shang dynasty said, " If I have offenses, do not blame the citizens. If the people have offenses, the blame lies with me." He appealed to the Supreme Lord, to God, and perhalps to the Buddhas, asking them not to judge his people.


A talk given on October 11, 1990 in London, England.


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