Dedication Of Merit
By Reverend Heng Sure

The Dharma-method of "dedication of merit" allows us to share all the blessings, all the merit and goodness that we have earned through our cultivation in this holy place. We can send out all the benefits that would otherwise accrue to ourselves, to every living being in the world. Simply make a wish, for what ever need you perceive in the world, for whatever wholesome change you would wish to take place in the world, and send the goodness out with a single mind. The results we desire can take any form, specific or general, personal or universal. The power of a concentrated mind for goodness, amplified by the community in unison, makes the connection effective. The spirit of giving sends the gift, the prayer for well-being, throughout the world, to all creatures, as far as our minds extend.

May every living being,
Our minds as one and radiant with light,
Share the fruits of peace
With hearts of goodness, luminous and bright.

If people hear and see,
How hands and hearts can find in giving, unity,
May their minds awake,
To Great Compassion, wisdom and to joy.

May kindness find reward,
May all who sorrow leave their grief and pain;
May this boundless light,
Break the darkness of their endless night.

Because our hearts are one,
This world of pain turns into Paradise,
May all become compassionate and wise,
May all become compassionate and wise.