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2304 McKinley Avenue Berkeley, CA 94703  Tel. (510) 848-3440


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Visiting Red Oak Victory 10/05

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Oregon's Buddha Root Farm 8/05

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videoclip.jpg (1214 bytes) Funny Video Clips:

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Wait for Me (265K)

Little Michael's Cardboard Shelter (205K)

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Dedication Of Merit

Blog - Rev. Heng Sure

The Twenty-four Paragons of Filial Respect

Whole Body Vegan Lifestyle Booklet

On Animal Suffering & Human Kindness  

Excerpt from the VegSource Conference
Buddhist Rev. Heng Sure opening statement before the Spiritual Panel (15 minutes)

The Meatrix
Check out this cool new Flash presentation!

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The Story of Buddha

Gwan Yin Gallery

Once Upon A Time

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Staying Human in a High-Tech World

Recorded live: Sunday, March 2, 2003, 9:30 am PST

G U E S T S :

  • Thomas Mahon
    Technology Speaker and Author, Charged Bodies
  • The Rev. Heng Sure
    Abbot of the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery
    Listen Now in Real Audio

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  Poems and Songs

The Ballad of Super-Strong

Come gather 'round friends and I'll sing you a song,

About a Bodhisattva, his name is Super Strong

With a burst of blazing light he opened eyes asleep and blind

'Cause Super Strong's gung-fu was the power of his mind.



Super Strong's inside you, Cultivate with all your might;

Pure thoughts continue: Don't fight, return the light.

Pure thoughts continue: Don't fight, return the light.

Now Super Strong was awesome, but his heart was solid kind,

"All suffering and dissaters I'll end for all mankind.

All the evil and the baddies, I'll find a way to fight."

Then all the Buddhas told him, "Don't fight, return the light."


So he gathered in his stealing eyes, his ears and nose and tongue,

Tamed his mind and wild body and when the work was done,

A blinding blaze of light shot forth from toe to crown.

'Cause he plugged into the source, tried his best and laid it down.



Now dragons curl their tails and spirits fold their hands;

Tigers crouch in corners and ghost obey commands

Gwan Yin and Amitabha with Super Strong join hands;

Riding vows made long ago, They roam the Western Land


Ain't no better thing to do than saving humankind;

And to the Buddha City bowing with a single mind.

The world is ripe and waiting, can't you see that now's the time?

To the Buddha City bowing with a single mind.


The six organs gather back; recite the Buddha's name,

Throughout the Dharma Realm you can hear Great Strength proclaim.

The world is ripe and waiting, can't you see that now's the time?

To the Buddha City bowing with a single mind.


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