Introduction: Australia

Kingsgrove Australia, 1961

Kingsgrove Australia, 1961.

When the Venerable Master went to Australia in 1961, there was little knowledge of Buddhism and there were no monasteries of any importance. Heeding the Fifth Patriarch's advice to the Sixth Patriarch: "Do not speak too soon; the Buddhadharma arises from difficulties," the Master guarded the mind seal, deepened his cultivation, and waited for the right time. But even the difficulties did not cease. Because Buddhism was so little known in Australia, people did not make offerings to the Master, and soon he had to resort to eating pan-fried orange rind in an attempt to sustain himself. After a few weeks of this diet, his hands grew numb and shook violently that he could not even write. About that time, however, the Master was offered a position to teach Chinese at an Australian university. The Master spent a quiet year in Australia and then returned to Hong Kong briefly before setting out for America. Today, DRBA has a fine Way-place in Gold Coast.