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Group Portraits

Group Portrait including the California Dreamers

Group Portrait including the California Dreamers.

The California Dreamers (adults shown standing in the row behind the Master and children sitting cross-legged in front) followed Sam Lewis (Sufi Sam), who sometimes paid his respects to the Master at the Buddhist Lecture Hall.

After Sam's untimely and premature death, many members of this group of California Dreamers had identical dreams of Sam, which occurred three times, all in the same night. Sam told them, "I now understand that I wasn't really qualified to be teaching you. I don't have any real accomplishment. I now regret that although I met Master Hua, I never studied with him. You should all go take refuge with him and become his disciples. He is qualified to teach; he has great accomplishment."

The next day, after comparing their dreams, the Dreamers called Gold Mountain Monastery and asked when the next Take Refuge ceremony would occur. After becoming disciples, they studied and worshipped together with disciples at Gold Mountain and sent their children to Instilling Virtue School when it opened in 1976.

Group Portrait with Professor & Mrs. Edward Conze and Professor & Mrs. Lewis Lancaster

Group Portrait with Professor & Mrs. Edward Conze and Professor & Mrs. Lewis Lancaster. Click on the photo for close-up.

Professor Edward Conze, the noted Buddhist scholar, was teaching at the University of Washington, Seattle, when Dr. Ronald Epstein wrote his Master's thesis based on his translation of the Venerable Master's Verses Without a Stand and Prose Commentary on the Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra. At that time Bhikshu Heng Ching had also been studying with Professor Conze, but after the Shurangama Sutra Summer Session, he made his decision to enter into monastic life under the Master.

Excerpt from an article compiled by Shi Hengchi, p. 54, 56
"In Memory of the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, Vol II"