Notes Taken by Disciple Guo Yi Prior to Departure
to Haihui Monastery in Keelung, Taiwan

October 28, 1969

No one is to have a special style. We are a corporation and no one is first or last. Don't praise or slight others, and don't listen to them when they praise or slight you. You must do everything correctly and show them that Americans can cultivate the Way. Don't listen to praise and don't praise yourselves. Maintain "virtue with respect to the mouth" at all times and never speak of the faults of anyone. If people start talking falsely, just go away. Don't dirty your ears. These small points are the easiest to violate and are therefore the most important. Don't even think of the bad points of other people.

Excerpt from an article by Oldy but Goody, p. 104
"In Memory of the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, Vol. III"