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Lives of the Patriarchs - Forty-seventh Patriarch
Dhyana Master Hwai Shen (Cherishing the Profound) of
Tz Shou (Reception of Kindness) Monastery

Forty-seventh Patriarch - Dhyana Master Hwai Shen

The Master was the Dharma heir of Dhyana Master Jyu Syu of Bau Fu. Once a monk asked him, "What is the Buddha?"

The Master replied, "Assigning someone a job according to his capacity."

The monk asked further, "After he is assigned to his job, then what?"

The Master replied, "The staff at Tyan Tai."

Another question was asked, "What is the true and actual substance?"

The Master answered, "It's very cold today!"

The monk asked, "What does this mean anyway?"

The Master replied, "Snow covering thousands upon thousands of mountains."

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A verse in praise says:
The three enlightenment have reached ultimate perfection.
Assign him a job according to his capacity,
The staff at Tyan Tai
Travel and eat while complying with conditions.
Today it's very cold,
Mountains shrouded in snow.
The true and actual substance:
To be reminisced over a thousand ages.

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Another verse says:
The Chan School puts an end to intellectual discernment
    and mental discrimination,
Thus eliminating extraneous thinking.
The reply does not answer the question, his speech seems upside-down.
The specifics contradict the principle; his words are jumbled up.
The true substance: "It's very cold today!"
The ultimate purport: "a pool amidst snow-capped mountains."
His ambiguous answers transcend the common rule.
Words perish, deliberations are destroyed, and even thoughts are lost.

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Composed by Venerable Master Yun,
Commentary by Venerable Master Hua
Vajra Bodhi Sea, February 1991