Forty-eighth Patriarch
Dhyana Master
Lyang Ching


The Master was the Dharma-heir of Dhyana Master Wen Hwei (Literary Intelligence) of Bau Lin (Jeweled Grove) Mountain, Nan Hua Monastery. He was a room entering disciple of Dhyana Master Wen Hwei. He received the robe and bowl and Dharma pulse-transmission from Dhyana Master Wen Hwei. Just as his teacher did not like to talk, this Master also preferred to be a mute. As a result, no records of his sayings or life-events are extant.

There are no extant historical accounts of the Master's life, writings, verbal debate or interchange. There were simply no such causal conditions. He never liked to debate with others. He was probably deeply influenced by Lau Dz, who said:

Wholesome words are not involved in debate.
Words of debate are not wholesome.
Those who know do not speak.
Those who speak do not know.

After Master Lyang Ching heard these words, he decided he wouldn't argue with anyone. No matter what people said or contested, he never put up an argument.