Forty-seventh Patriarch
Dhyana Master
Lyang Ching

Commentary - Verse in Praise

A verse in praise says: Venerable Master Hsu Yun still managed to write a verse in praise of him: He sought for Masters amid the Jeweled Grove. / The fog obscured the leopard's spots. Basically it's hard to discern a leopard's spots, but the fog obscured the vision even more, so that one could barely discern the spots.

Arrow and knife-blades came to challenge. Wherever people came on hard and fast to challenge the Master to an argument, the Master refused to enter into an argument with them. But the enemy always went away crestfallen. How could you challenge somebody who refused to argue or contend? The enemy found no way to display their talents and so they withdrew crestfallen.

He did not leave behind the slightest omen, not the slightest trace or indication. His name did not fall into the dusty whirl. This means the Master was removed from the mundane world. The dusty world did not include someone like him who did not like to talk. He transcended the dusty whirls.

Right from his very person, from his very personal conduct, he acted as a model. He actually did the work, and so from him came forth a very generous gift of the Dharma. Although he did not verbally discourse on the Dharma, just by his personal example he was truly giving the Dharma.