Lives of the Patriarchs - Forty-eighth Patriarch
Dhyana Master Lyang Ching (Wholesome Celebration) of
Syang Fu Monastery

Forty-eighth Patriarch - Dhyana Master Lyang Ching

The Master was the Dharma-heir of Dhyana Master Wen Hwei of Bau Lin (Jeweled Grove) Mountain. No records of his sayings or life-events are extant.

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He sought for Masters amid the Jeweled Grove.
The fog obscured the leopard's spots.
Arrow and knife-blades came to challenge,
But the enemy always went away crestfallen.
He did not leave behind the slightest omen;
His name did not fall into the dusty whirl.
Right from his very person
Came forth a very generous gift of the Dharma.

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Another verse says:

He acted by not acting and practiced
    the teachings that could not be verbalized.
The ten thousand things thrive together -- what is transmitted?
No records of his sayings remain,
    and very rare are samples of his Chan dialogues.
But he intently cultivated the field of his body and mind.
The doors and walls are tight; it is difficult to take a peep.
The windows are closed tightly; it's harder yet to look in.
Tsau Creek runs in front of Jeweled Grove Mountain,
Flowing on and on as it enters the great stream.

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Composed by Venerable Master Yun,
Commentary by Venerable Master Hua
Vajra Bodhi Sea, May 1991