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Bringing Dharma West:

Celebrating 100  Years of Chan Master Hsuan Hua’s Teaching






Venerable Master Hsuan Hua (1918-1995) a Chan Buddhist monk from Manchuria, arrived in San Francisco in the 60s and introduced Westerners to the rich Mahayana Buddhist tradition. Founding Chinatown’s Buddhist Lecture Hall, the Mission District’s Gold Mountain Monastery, and the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, in Ukiah, California, Master Hua brought Western men and women from diverse backgrounds into the Buddha’s Sangha through nightly sutra lectures which have now been translated into a dozen languages. His legacy includes establishing fully-accredited K-12 schools and Dharma Realm Buddhist University (www.drbu.edu). He also pioneered intra-Buddhist friendship between Northern and Southern traditions and dialogue among religions.


From October 6th to November 10th the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association (DRBA) will share a multi-media exploration of Master Hua’s life. His story provides a window onto San Francisco’s evolution as a flashpoint for the interface between Asian religions coming West, and young Westerners’ search for meaning amid the turbulent social upheavals of the 60s and 70s.


The opening event at the Koret Auditorium on October 6 will include a dragon dance and musical performance and a documentary film of his life. The events on Nov. 3rd and 10th will present Master Hsuan Hua’s contributions to education and the translation of Buddhist texts (www.buddhisttexts.org)


A photo exhibition in the San Francisco Main Library’s Chinese Center, running from October 6, 2018 to January 11, 2019 will present an overview of Master Hua’s life and his contributions to bringing the Buddha’s teachings to San Francisco and to the West.




San Francisco Main Library